ICSdroid supports

  • iCalendar files on the external storage (file:/// URLs)
  • iCalendar resources at HTTP/HTTPS URLs (often called Webcal)


You can subscribe to iCalendars (.ics files) with two methods:

  1. Follow a link in your browser (for instance, “subscribe calendar” on webcal.fi) or local file manager. Select “ICSdroid” if you’re asked which app shall open the link. http[s]://…/xxx.ics and webcal[s]:// URLs are supported.
  2. Tap “+” in the ICSdroid main activity.

In both cases, the ICSdroid “Add subscription” activity will appear. Enter user name and password, if required and click on “Next”.

Then, enter a title and select a color for the calendar. If supported by the resource, a calendar title will be suggested. You can change title and color later.

Note that ICSdroid uses Android’s HttpURLConnection which doesn’t follow redirects to different protocols (http:// to https:// or vice versa).

Always use HTTPS URLs to protect passwords and sensitive event data!

Daily use

To force a synchronization of all subscriptions, swipe the subscription list in the ICSdroid main activity. You may also “refresh” the calendars in your calendar app (if available).

In the ICSdroid main activity, you can also

  • set your synchronization interval, and
  • single-tap existing subscriptions to edit/delete them.

Using QR codes

To bring an .ics URL from the desktop to your Android device, you may generate a QR code and scan the barcode with your Android device.

Then open the URL with the browser and it should pass on to ICSdroid (doesn’t work for all configurations).